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Psychology Department Faculty Aid Coordinated Seeing[Posted: October 23, 2013]

Professors Rokers, Simmering and Green will lend their expertise to the Coordinated Seeing? Thinking With Vision, Hand, and Mind symposium on November 1, 2013. The Coordinated Seeing? symposium will explore the intersections of brain research, vision science and humanities.

Please help us welcome Dr. Yuri Saalmann [Posted: October 21, 2013]

Dr. Yuri Saalmann joins the faculty as one of our new Assistant Professors.

Professor Honored With University Award [Posted: October 21, 2013]

The Graduate School awarded Trish Devine a WARF Named Professorship

Psychology Department Highly Ranked [Posted: October 21, 2013]

In its Fall 2010 ratings, the National Research Council placed the UW in the top five among all departments of psychology nationally and number one among public universities.

Melanie Jones Honored [Posted: October 21, 2013]

Lecturer and Undergraduate Advisor Melanie Jones has received the L&S Early-Career Award

Four Department Members Recongized[Posted: October 21, 2013]

Judy Harackiewicz, Chris Rozek, Chris Hulleman, & Janet Hyde were awarded the 2013 Cialdini Award from the Society of Personality and Social Psychology for their article published Psychology Science.

Faculty Member Recognized for Excellence[Posted: October 21, 2013]

Chris Coe has been awarded the Regents Teaching Excellence Award.

Autism Researcher Earns Multipler Awards[Posted: October 21, 2013]

Morton Gernsbacher has received the Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award from the Society for Text and Discourse and the 2013 Ernest R. Hilgard Award for Career Contributions to General Psycholgy.

Researcher Recognized [Posted: October 21, 2013]

Martha Alibali has received the Fredrich Wilhelm Research Award from the Alexander von Humbolt Foundation.
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