Morton Ann Gernsbacher – Information for Prospective Graduate Students

Dr. Morton Ann Gernsbacher – Information for Prospective Graduate Students


Current research: The Gernsbacher Lab investigates the cognitive and neural mechanisms that underlie human communication. Our lab’s research bears both basic science implications and national policy applications.

Communication Prior to Applying: “It is my lab’s policy to not have video calls/meetings with prospective students prior to the application process. I also don’t privilege or prioritize applications from prospective students who have contacted me prior to applying. This is for reasons of fairness – in particular to ensure that I’m able to read every application that I receive with an open mind and from the same initial starting point.  That said, if there are questions about my research or lab that you have that would be helpful to have answered as you prepare your application, I’m certainly happy to answer them. Just send me an email.  And if you have questions about completing/submitting the UW Madison Psychology Department application itself, the best person to contact is our graduate coordinator,”

Areas I’m Willing to Advise Students in: Cognitive and Cognitive Neuroscience, IGM

How I Evaluate Applicants:

Like all faculty members in the Psychology Department, I evaluate prospective graduate students in a holistic manner. I therefore consider all the possible ways in which students’ applications materials can demonstrate excellence and a strong likelihood to thrive in the graduate program and in my lab. As such, the information below should be treated as general rules of thumb rather than a highly proscriptive “checklist” of attributes that candidates must have in order to be considered for admittance to my lab.

In addition to academic preparation and research experience, I value motivation and persistence. I also value attention to detail and a positive attitude.

Other Information for Prospective Applicants: Increasing the diversity of our department is a high priority for me.