Pharmacy Students

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy (i.e., “talk therapy”) involves working collaboratively with a therapist to reduce distress and learn effective coping skills. The therapeutic relationship is a professional one and is very different from a relationship with a friend, partner, or parent. Therapists provide a comfortable, nonjudgmental, and safe environment for students to share personal struggles, receive feedback, and learn skills to help overcome challenges.

Free & Confidential Psychotherapy Services for School of Pharmacy Students

In collaboration with the School of Pharmacy (SOP), the Psychology Research & Training Clinic (PRTC) now offers psychotherapeutic services to SOP students free of charge during the academic semesters. All services are offered at the PRTC, located in the Brogden Psychology Building (1202 W. Johnson St., Madison, WI 53706).

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All SOP students are eligible to receive an initial evaluation and psychotherapy sessions. In the rare event that PRTC services are not appropriate, our staff will work with you to find suitable treatment. PRTC services and records are confidential, and no identifiable information is shared with the SOP or any other University of Wisconsin entity without your consent. Please note that the PRTC does not accept new SOP clients during the summer or winter breaks.

How to Access Services

To access these free services, call the PRTC at (608) 262-5925.

The Assistant Director will talk with you about our clinic, complete a brief telephone screen, and schedule an intake appointment for you. At the intake, the therapist will review PRTC policies and procedures and talk with you about your concerns, and you will complete a questionnaire about your attitudes and behaviors.

Following the intake, the first few therapy sessions will be used to clarify your goals and develop a treatment plan, where you should take an active role in determining the focus and goals of your therapy. We strive to ensure that your therapy is focused on what is important to you. Psychotherapy appointments are typically 50 minutes in length. You will likely meet with your therapist once a week or once every other week, depending on your symptoms and goals.

Professional Staff

Linnea Burk, Ph.D., HSPP Licensed Psychologist Clinic Director (608) 262-9079
Christopher J. Gioia, Ph.D., HSPP Licensed Psychologist Assistant Clinic Director (608) 262-6352


A misconception lurking on university campuses is that students who seek out psychological services are “crazy” or “weak.” That’s simply not true! Most therapy clients are ordinary people struggling with common, everyday issues. Many students find psychotherapy helpful for working through the concerns that are negatively affecting their life and performance in school. Students’ concerns range from coping with stress, relationship problems, and transitioning to professional training to more serious concerns such as depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. Psychotherapy assists people in developing insight and self-awareness in order to reduce symptoms and improve their quality of life.