Mentoring Committee

  • All students will form a 4-5 member Mentoring Committee by the Spring Semester of Year 1.  The Chair of this committee will be the student’s advisor.
  • This committee serves a critical role in the development and evaluation of a student over their time in the program.   This committee will provide advice on course selection, research design, developing timelines, and other issues as they may arise.
  • This committee will serve as the evaluating committee for the First Year Project.
  • This committee will eventually serve as the dissertation defense committee.  As such, it is encouraged to form a committee that will be able to serve in this capacity (i.e. meet all requirements for the dissertation defense committee).  However, this is not mandatory.
  • Committee membership can be changed at anytime by the student and advisor for any reason.  Simply turn in a new form to the Graduate Coordinator.
  • The first meeting of this committee should be in the Spring of Year 1 to discuss the First Year Project as well as other aspects of graduate training (e.g. future course selection).
  • The committee will meet in the Fall of Year 2 to evaluate the recently completed First Year Project (First Year Project Defense) as well as other aspects of graduate training (future research plans, course work).
  • Following Year 2, the committee will meet annually, either in the Fall or Spring, at the discretion of the student, advisor and committee.
  • Following the completion of each annual meeting, the student needs to turn in the Mentoring Committee Meeting Form found here.