New UW institute to study evidence-based solutions to diversity-related challenges

Professor of Psychology Markus Brauer will serve as the Institute for Diversity Science’s executive director. He and Institute Chair Dr. Angela Byars-Winston intend to add a measure of empirical heft to diversity- and inclusion-boosting programs, serving as a resource for reliable, evidence-based information about diversity science and initiatives for business and industry groups, policymakers and others. TODD BROWN/SMPH MEDIA SOLUTIONS

The University of Wisconsin–Madison has launched the Institute for Diversity Science as a hub for the many researchers on campus studying causes and consequences of discrimination and evaluating solutions that may help companies and cities grow — and grow more successful — as welcoming and inclusive communities.

Diversity science as a discipline seeks to identify the most effective ways to allow all people to strive and succeed. It spans fields, including everything from better policies and practices to improve hiring and retention in the workplace, to reducing educational achievement gaps and reducing the health disparities faced by rural and other underserved communities. Read more.

Written by Chris Barncard | February 16, 2023

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