Student Spotlight: Megan Wu x’23

Each month, we spotlight outstanding psychology majors in our department. This month, we’re excited to feature Megan Wu, a third-year psychology student with a certificate in business and one of the department’s new communication interns this semester.

UWPsych: How did you decide to pursue a psychology major?
Megan: I chose psychology as my major because of my interest in human behavior, especially in children. Initially, I had wanted to pursue pediatric psychology, but after speaking with a few alumni and taking different classes, I found my passion in industrial-organizational psychology, specifically in workplace morale and mindfulness-based training.  

UWPsych: You work as a research assistant in Professor Jenny Saffran’s Infant Learning Lab. How did you get connected there and what kind of research are you doing?
Megan: I reached out to the lab manager there because I was interested in gaining research experience, but being able to work with adorable babies is definitely a plus! In Professor Saffran’s lab, we investigate cognitive and linguistic development processes in babies through eye-tracking and head-turning studies. Our research was even featured in the Netflix docuseries, Babies

UWPsych: How has the pandemic affected your research (or semester, more broadly)?
Megan: It was a challenge for our lab since we were no longer able to run any in-person studies. However, we adapted very quickly by making some studies online through Zoom. Luckily, we are now mostly back in person, so we are able to run experiences with families again.

UWPsych: You have a lot of extracurricular involvement.  How have those shaped your experience at the UW?
Megan: I am a part of aKDPhi and AAIV, which are both Asian-interest organizations that greatly contribute to my college experience. Through them, I’ve learned to become an active leader in my community and I am very fortunate to have found a solid support system within these organizations. 

Thanks, Megan!