Zahn-Waxler honored for distinguished scientific contributions to child development

Carolyn Zahn-Waxler

The Society for Research in Child Development honored Dr. Carolyn Zahn-Waxler ’62, Honorary Fellow at the Center for Healthy Minds, with the 2021 Distinguished Scientific Contributions to Child Development Award. One of four Distinguished Award recipients, Zahn-Waxler was recognized for many things, including:

“For substantial, lasting, and broad-ranging contributions to psychology that has transformed our views on early emotional development, developmental psychopathology, moral development, socialization, and gender differences;​

For innovation, creativity, rigor, and leadership in pioneering theoretical and methodological approaches to further our understanding of children’s social development;​

For challenging prevailing early views that emphasized moral cognitions, that young children are egocentric and oblivious to other’s feelings and moral rules, and that empathy develops later in childhood.”

Congratulations, Dr. Zahn-Waxler!