BBB Seminar Series

Time Mondays 1-2pm, unless otherwise noted

Location Meeting virtually via Zoom


Spring 2021 seminar series

January 25 Prof. Brad Postle (Psychology) “The Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience discusses the editorial process”

February 1, 11am start Dr. Keith Doelling (Institut de l’Audition) Temporal prediction of natural rhythms in speech and music”

February 4, 4pm start (instead of February 8) “Title IX session for graduate students”

February 15 Dr. Theofanis Panagiotaropoulos (Neurospin) re: Consciousness

February 25, 4pm start (instead of February 22) Prof. Annegret Falkner (Princeton University) re: Social decision-making

March 1 Prof. Ian Fiebelkorn (University of Rochester) re: Attention

March 8 Dr. Arif Hamid (Brown University) Striatal dopamine waves as a mechanism for spatiotemporal credit assignment”

March 11, 4pm start (instead of March 15) Prof. Eliza Bliss-Moreau (UC Davis) re: Affective science

March 22 Prof. Han Wang (Integrative Biology) Genetic and neural dissection of sleep in C. elegans”

March 29 FYP practice (actual FYP April 16)

April 5 FYP practice (actual FYP April 16)

April 12 Prof. Philipp Koellinger (La Follette School of Public Affairs) re: Social science genetics

April 19 Prof. Ei Terasawa (Pediatrics) re: Neuroendocrinology

April 26 BBB faculty meeting


Anthony Auger Our research is directed at how steroid receptors and the social environment interact to influence brain development and subsequently behavior in a normal or abnormal manner.

Allyson Bennett My research centers on how the interplay between early environments, experiences, and genes contribute to individual variation in psychological and physical health across the lifespan.

Craig Berridge My research focuses on the actions of neurotransmitters, particularly catecholamines and select neuropeptides, in the regulation of behavioral state and state-dependent cognitive processes (working memory, attention).

Chris Coe My research is concerned with mind/body relationships and nature/nurture issues that affect health and vulnerability to illness.

Richard Davidson Research in my laboratories is focused on cortical and subcortical substrates of emotion and affective disorders, including depression and anxiety.

Rick Jenison Computational neuroscience; value-based decision-making; functional and effective connectivity in the human brain; point-process modeling of neural ensembles; computational models of the basal ganglia and amygdala.

James Li My research examines the interplay between genes and environments that contribute to the development of child externalizing problems.

Cathy Marler My research centers around bi-directional interactions between endocrinology , animal behavior and the social environment.

Seth Pollak Developmental risk (child poverty, child maltreatment); mechanisms of developmental change; experience-dependent learning; stress regulation; children’s health; development and evolution of emotion; developmental psychopathology

Brad Postle short-term memory/working memory; attention; consciousness; fMRI; TMS; EEG

Tim Rogers I am interested in understanding human semantic memory; that is, our knowledge about the meanings of words, objects, and events.

Yuri Saalmann Cognitive control, conscious awareness, brain connectivity, neural dynamics, neural coding.