University of Wisconsin–Madison

Janet Hyde

Evjue-Bascom Professor and Helen Thompson Woolley Professor of Psychology and Gender & Women’s Studies and Associate Chair for Alumni Relations

(608) 262-9522

410 Psychology

Research Area(s)
Social and Personality

Research Interest
My research falls in the areas of psychology of women, human sexuality, and gender-role development. One current research project focuses on the emergence of gender differences in depression in adolescence, using data from our longitudinal project, The Wisconsin Study of Families and Work. Another current project, funded by the National Science Foundation, uses the technique of meta-analysis to synthesize available data on gender differences and similarities in mathematics performance. Another current project evaluates whether single-sex schooling actually produces better outcomes than coeducational schooling. American Council for Coeducational Schooling,

Representative Publications
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Class and Research Information
Wisconsin Study of Families and Work
Syllabus for Psych/WS 522, Psychology of Women
Psychology/Women’s Studies 732, Psychology of Women (graduate course)
Syllabus for Psych/Soc 350, Human Sexuality
Syllabus for Psych 711, Applied Multivariate Analysis
Feminist Identity Development Scale (FIDS)
Syllabus for Psych 618, Adolescent Development
Hyde Vita