Charles (Chuck) Snowdon

Position title: Professor Emeritus

Department of Psychology

Charles T. Snowdon is Hilldale Professor of Psychology Emeritus at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. His research involved marmosets and tamarins, cooperatively breeding primates from the Neotropics. He and his students studied vocal and chemical communication, social cognition, social development, behavioral endocrinology and paternal behavior in these monkeys in captivity and the field. His laboratory pioneered the development of several non-invasive or minimally-invasive research methods, including extracting and measuring hormones from urine and feces and developing functional brain imaging methods for small primates. He held continuous research grants from NIH from 1977 through 2008 and had 23 years of support through a Research Scientist Award. He received the Distinguished Primatologist Award from the American Society of Primatologists and the Clifford Morgan Distinguished Service Award from the Society of Behavioral Neuroscience and Comparative Psychology of the American Psychological Association.

Snowdon served as American Editor of Animal Behaviour (1985-88) and Editor of the Journal of Comparative Psychology (1995-2000) and as Associate Editor and on the Editorial boards of several other journals. He has been a member of NSF review panels and NIH Study Sections. He served four years as Department Chair and five years as Director of the College of Letters and Science Honors Program. He has also served on the campus wide promotions review committee.

In retirement he has chaired the faculty advisory committee to the Study Abroad program, has served as a University Ombuds and a member of the Psychology Department Board of Visitors. He is active in the community as a teacher of Scottish Country Dance and as president of the Board of Trustees of Madison Opera.