Alumni Profile: Andrew McGough ’17

Alumni Profile: Andrew McGough ’17
Degree(s): BS Psychology, UW–Madison
Current Occupation: Pediatric Psychometrist at AMITA Health

What are some of the benefits of your psychology degree?
One of the biggest benefits of my psychology degree is its versatility in its applications. The degree helped expose me to a wide array of psychology’s applications including scientific research, mental health care, criminal justice, and human resources.

How did you find your way to your current profession?
I was lucky enough to find a job opening in an area of psychology I always wanted explore: neuropsychology. Getting experience while I was on campus definitely made a difference in getting the job offer, but the majority of the credit can be attributed to tenacity and self-reflection. Job hunting is tough for everyone. Don’t give up!

What advice would you give to students graduating with a psychology degree?
First, take advantage of the many resources that are offered on campus and through your advisors! There is a wealth of information that faculty can provide you even after graduating. Psychology is a popular degree, so it is best to try to get as much exposure and experience in the field as possible. Even if an internship doesn’t pay or pay well, take the opportunity. Second, get outside your comfort zone and try new things! With the versatility that the field of psychology offers, try exploring other interests before settling on a long term career or graduate school. You may surprise yourself.

If interested, please list an identity or group membership of which you are particularly proud:
Member of Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity