Alumni Profile: Anh Dang ’16

Alumni Profile: Anh Dang ’16
Degree(s): BA Psychology and Sociology, UW–Madison 
Current Occupation: Unlisted

What are some of the benefits of your psychology degree?
Ability to empathize or take a step back and think in others’ shoes, a drive to always ask why, ability to listen attentively and analyze information quickly and carefully

How did you find your way to your current profession?
By deducting from possible options that I don’t want to pursue, I ended up with applying psychology in a business setting through market research and now user research more specifically.

What advice would you give to students graduating with a psychology degree?
Find out what’s interesting and suitable for you, then find places/connections that can allow you to experience and learn a lot. Always ask yourself ‘Why’ to keep a clear direction of your path. Remember that understanding psychology can help you in many aspects in life, not just your career but also your self growth and personal life.