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Honors in the Major

Honors in the major within the Department of Psychology is designed to give students an opportunity to work closer with departmental faculty and have an in-depth experience in research. This is a great opportunity for students wanting to continue on to graduate school or have a strong interest in research. Please note that the Honors in the Major program is separate from the Honors in the Liberal Arts program. A student may complete either Honors in the Major or Honors in Liberal Arts, or both.

Honors in the Major Application – Applications are accepted all year round

Requirements for Honors in the Major in Psychology for Students Graduating in the 2018-19 academic year:

  • Sophomore Honors Seminar, Psychology 386, (2 credits total) – Must be taken BOTH Fall and Spring semesters, Sophomore or Junior year, Sophomore year preferred
  • A total of THREE Psychology Breadth or Depth courses for Honors (credit totals will vary)
  • Senior Honors Thesis, Psychology 681 & 682 (6 credits total)
  • Senior Honors Seminar, Psychology 686 (2 credits total) – Must be taken BOTH Fall and Spring semesters for students graduating before the 2018-19 academic year; Fall only for students graduating in 2018-19

Requirements for Honors in the Major in Psychology for Students Graduating in the 2019-20 academic year and beyond:

GPA Requirements (all students)

  • A student must receive at least a “B” or better in an Honors course in order to receive Honors credit and have that count towards the Honors in the Major Requirements
  • A cumulative GPA of 3.3 is required to be eligible for any honors degree from UW-Madison
  • A minimum of 3.3 within the Psychology major must be attained to graduate with Honors in the Major

Honors in Psychology Q & A

When can I apply for Honors?
A: Applications for Honors in the Major can be submitted as early as the end of a student’s freshman year and is typically made before the end of the sophomore year. Occasionally admission is granted during the junior year as well.

When can I enroll in Honor’s courses?
A: Prior to formal admission to Honors in the Major, students may enroll in Honors Psychology courses if they are currently in the Honors in the Letters and Sciences program, or if he or she receives consent of the instructor.

What does it take to be accepted into the Honors Program?
A: Acceptance into the Honors in the Major is based on a student’s…
▪ Demonstrated ability and commitment to scholastic achievement
▪ Performance in coursework at UW-Madison (Particularly honors courses and courses in Psychology)
▪ Civic engagement (volunteer work and extracurricular activities) at UW-Madison and the broader community
▪ Commitment to excellence in the science of Psychology
▪ Evidence of broad scholarship (including humanities, mathematics, and sciences)

These same standards must be maintained to remain in the Honors Program following admission. Decisions on admission are made each semester by a committee of Psychology faculty. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance status as soon as possible.

For additional information contact: 

Professor Allyson Bennett, Honors Faculty Advisor